Contract Information

Sales on this website are intended only for State of Wisconsin facilities approved under the Cleaning Chemicals contract #505ENT-M16-CLEANGCHEMS-00.   All other sales will be cancelled.

Contract Terms:


Delivery date of products shall be as agreed upon at time of order, but no more than seven days after receipt of order. Any exceptions to the seven day delivery must be verifiable by email correspondence between contractor and end-user.

All shipments will be FOB Destination, Freight Paid by Contractor. Contractor is responsible for filing and expediting all freight claims with carrier. Exception: Next Day or rush deliveries, when requested by end-user, must be verifiable by email authorization from end-user in order for vendor to invoice freight charges.

Any items delivered in poor condition, in excess of amount ordered or not included on the purchase order or requisition form may be returned, at end-users discretion, to the vendor for up to 30 calendar days from date of delivery. Vendor shall be responsible for shipping charges and no restocking fees are allowed. Vendor will not supply any product that has a restocking fee without specific stand-alone email authorization from end-user which acknowledges a restocking fee in case of product return because of end-user error.

Return of unopened items, ordered in error by end-user, shall be accepted for return by Vendor with no restocking fee, up to 30 calendar days from delivery. End-user will be responsible for shipping charges, if any, associated with return of product(s) ordered in error.

Vendor must not invoice service fees or additional costs to authorized end-users. There will be no freight charges, surcharges, fees, green initiative or energy surcharges. Exceptions: Next Day or rush deliveries, when requested by end-user. 

Products below should be purchased from State Work Centers or other contract approved vendors.  Links for contract and contact information are provided below.

State Use Program, Work Center, and other vendor contract categories noted below: